Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rainy Sunday

I have now added a list of the books we have read and ones we might like to read.  Ladies, please add books to the list.

Next meeting is at Marge's, first Friday night in Febuary.  We are reading Lovely Bones and Marge would like to set up for us to go see the movie together.  That would be fun.

Kate, I am glad you enjoyed it.  It is nice to have a reason to get together on a regular basis.  I am so encited about your travel date.  Can hardly wait to meet your new son.


  1. How do you add books we might like to read? I am such a computer idiot! I just read the Hunger Games and I really enjoyed it! i thought you might also!

  2. You go to customize then you can find the list. I will have to read the book